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Our Child Care Philosophy

Grow A Child believes that we are responsible for providing young children with positive learning experiences. We strive to model respect, patience, and kindness to the children in our care. Children should not only have their basic needs met during the day but also receive an interactive and hands-on education while in our care.


Our philosophy is based on theorists, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and the early childhood movement from Reggio Emilia, Italy. We believe that children benefit from practices that are grounded in research.


Play is a tool for learning. Learning through play helps formulate healthy experiences for children. Children are curious from infancy and have a desire to learn from their environment and those around them. When children are encouraged to interact with their peers and adults in positive ways, they feel safe to explore their surroundings and learning naturally occurs. Our goal is to provide a rich environment that allows children to initiate learning, interact with their peers, and develop a love of learning.


We seek to form a close relationship with each child under our care as well as with their families. We see each child as a unique individual with a great capacity to learn and be able to make positive contributions to those around him or her. We strive to provide an environment where children and families from different cultural backgrounds feel welcomed and accepted.

Director, Owner and Lead Teacher

Ashley Fields is the owner, director and lead teacher of Grow A Child Learning Center. This preschool has been a dream of mine since childhood, and has arisen out of the need for more quality childcare in our small community in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 


I was a kindergarten and first grade teacher in the public school system for 13 years.  I have loved every minute of my time in the classroom. During this time, however,  I have noticed a need for more preschools that provide quality, hands on learning in the early years before entry into the school system.  The desire for such has spurred the creation of Grow A Child Learning Center.



I am the mother of four and some of my greatest joys are moments of impromtu learning my children and I have had in our everyday life. Times of stopping our routine and diving into a topic of interest to learn as much as we possibly can. I think that all children should be able to experience this excitement of learning in their everyday childcare experience. This is the desire of Grow A Child. 


One of my children is on the Autism Spectrum and has taught me more than I have ever begun to teach them.  They have inspired me to approach life in a different way and have more than once reminded me to stop and watch the leaves blowing in the breeze, literally and figuratively. 

My qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Masters degree in Education (Birth-Kindergarten) from UNC-Greensboro

  • Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Appalachian State University
  • 20+ years teaching experience 
  • Extensive experience with students with special needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Extensive experience with English Language Learners
  • Licensed by the state of North Carolina
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