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Preschool Program

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Grow A Child's preschool program is an early childhood program in which children combine learning with play, with periods of free play and planned activities. Children can be enrolled in our preschool program between the ages of 15 months and school age.  Our preschool places great emphasis on learning and development in all aspects of the child's day.

Free Play


Free play provides an opportunity for children to direct their own learning. The teacher supervises and helps children, but the play is directed by the child. The children use centers for free play during the day.  While doing this, they are developing:


·         Cooperation – Learning to play with others.

·         Social Skills – Pretending helps children express their opinions and views.

·         Fine Motor Skills – Using scissors, drawing with chalk or pencils help children strengthen their fine

          motor skills.

·         Math and Reading Readiness – Playing independently with learning toys teaches children math and

          reading skills.

Planned Activities

Children also learn through planned activities.  These activities are short but structured to introduce a new concept or reinforce concepts already learned. Activities include:


·         Stories that provide time for reading-readiness skills of listening, retelling and moral reasoning

·         Exercise to strengthen overall health and muscles

·         Music with instruments and singing to develop vocabulary and listening skills

·         Arts and crafts activities to build imagination

·         Backyard science experiments to learn about the world around them

          Spanish lessons to introduce and improve vocabulary and fluency 

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